The Idea

We had an outrageous plan – to clean up Estonia from illegally dumped or littered waste, in ONE day! For that we needed at least 40 000 volunteers all over the country.

Since Estonia regained its independence in 1991, illegal dumping of garbage in our forests had been a growing problem. The issue was not just limited to the garbage itself, but also the mindset of some people which lead them to treat our beautiful nature as their private dumpster. Though attitudes have changed somewhat during the last years, a significant number of people had been continuing the habit. The amount of garbage littering our nature had grown too big for our government to tackle alone. And the problem was not in the garbage itself, it was in the mindset of those people who didn't respect our nature. So we knew that we had to do something drastic to shake things up, to make a real change.

We wanted to make it everybody's business and put the situation out there - for everyone to see. So that it couldn't be ignored anymore and something could be done. While doing so, it was essential to gather the attention and support from all different groups of the society - no exceptions by age, language, profession or lifestyle - we needed everybody!

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